The Kuwaiti progressive movement welcomes the positive elements contained in the speeches of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince to get out of the political crisis… and calls for vigilance towards the attempts of the affected parties to sabotage

by altaqadomia on 23/06/2022

While the Kuwaiti progressive movement welcomes these positive elements contained in the two lofty speeches, it believes that their implementation basically requires the formation of the new government from a prime minister and a ministerial team with a serious reform orientation that includes state men and women who commit to a clear program of work that begins with a commitment to the constitution, and aims to:

1- Achieving a political breakthrough, completing the amnesty file, and canceling decisions to withdraw citizenship for political reasons.

2- Commitment to actions, not words, to fight corruption.

3- Adopting socially just and socially economic orientations that are not biased towards the narrow class interests of a few large parasitic capitalists.

4- Reducing the tiresome living burdens, which have burdened the vast majority of citizens and residents, related to the high prices and the rise in rents and real estate prices.

5- Addressing the chronic issues and outstanding problems represented in: housing; unemployment; education decline; poor services; a just and final solution to the Kuwaiti Bidoon cause; And addressing the demographic structure away from racist tendencies and narrow class interests, the problem of insolvent debtors, and discrimination against women.

6- Adopting an independent, balanced and sound foreign policy that takes into account Kuwaiti interests and preserves the country’s independence and sovereignty in the face of challenges, changes and stormy international and regional turmoil.

The Kuwaiti progressive movement also sees the necessity of blocking the attempts of some centers of influence to use political money to influence the results of the upcoming early parliamentary elections, and the necessity of correcting and reforming the electoral system on democratic bases in the next parliament.

In the Kuwaiti progressive movement, we followed with great interest the two speeches of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince, and we welcome the positive elements contained in the two speeches represented in declaring commitment to the constitutional provisions in dealing with the crisis, which afflicts the political life and negatively affects the various aspects of life in the country, in addition to what was mentioned in the two speeches about the direction of dissolving the National Assembly soon and holding early parliamentary elections after completing the constitutional procedures, and a commitment not to interfere in the upcoming elections, as well as not to interfere in the elections for the presidency of the next council and its committees.

The Kuwaiti progressive movement also calls for vigilance towards the sabotage attempts that some affected parties will resort to exploit the loopholes and negatives in our political life with the aim of inciting once again against the constitutional gains and calling for a coup against them.

In conclusion, the Kuwaiti progressive movement salutes the reformist representatives participating in the sit-in, and the popular masses participating in the massive night sit-ins in the parliament’s offices, and their remarkable role in correcting the balance of power and pushing matters towards a constitutional exit.

Kuwait on 22nd of June 2022

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