The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement refuses to push Kuwait to be part of the American-Zionist Middle Eastern alliance, which is being prepared for its establishment during President Biden’s visit to the region

by altaqadomia on 05/07/2022

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the We in the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement are closely following what is being circulated in Western and Zionist circles about the current arrangements to establish an American-Zionist Middle Eastern regional political and military structure in our Arab region, centered on the Zionist entity, which has been planning since the nineties of the twentieth century to establish what the former Prime Minister of the Zionist entity Shimon Peres described as the “New Middle East” project, a project that aims not only to integrate the usurping Zionist entity in the region, but also to impose its hegemony on the region, its economies, wealth, and security.

We also do not forget former US President Donald Trump’s call in 2018 to establish what he called a “joint Arab-Israeli military force”, under the name “Middle Eastern Strategic Alliance”, in addition to what Prime Minister of the Zionist entity Naftali Bennett reiterated during his visit this year to a one of the Gulf countries with Normalisation tendencies to establish what he called “a new regional bloc between Israel and Arab countries against common threats”, which means not only transferring the Zionist entity from its true position as a historical strategic enemy of the Arab peoples, but also planning to occupy as the historical strategic ally of the regimes in the region.

This clearly confirms that we do not proceed from illusions, and we are not infected with what some call a “conspiracy theory disease”, but rather we proceed from facts, evidence, declared plans and real conspiracies that are being prepared on the ground, and therefore we cannot accept that we are infected with the disease of idiocy. Hence, we clearly declare that we are in the Kuwaiti progressive movement:

1- We clearly reject the involvement of Kuwait in the new American-Zionist Middle Eastern alliance, which is being planned during President Biden’s visit to the region.

2- We reject this alliance because it aims to tighten the grip of the American-Zionist hegemony over our Arab and Gulf regions, in order to continue plundering the wealth of our countries and consolidating their dependence.

3- We reject this alliance because it aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause by turning the usurping enemy into an ally, but rather accepting it as a hegemon that controls the capabilities of the region.

In conclusion, we address our proud Kuwaiti Arab people, their live forces, to their political currents of all kinds, to their labor, professional and student unions, to writers, intellectuals and activists in various social fields, To declare rejection of hostile schemes and adherence to the patriotic, national and humanitarian stance of Kuwait and its people by rejecting normalization with the usurping Zionist entity, and the continuation of Kuwait’s national independence approach by not participating in alliances.

Kuwait in 30th of June 2022

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