A Joint statement by Kuwaiti political movements: No to American Zionist plans… No to normalisation and alliance with the zionist entity

by altaqadomia on 15/07/2022

With US President Joe Biden’s visit to the region, in which he carries Zionist-American plans aimed at imposing the hegemony of the occupying Zionist entity on our peoples and to perpetuate the political and economic dependence of imperialism to continue looting our wealth and imposing its policies and decisions on us, and therefore we warn the Kuwaiti people and call them to be vigilant towards these plans. Among these schemes, whose features have recently emerged through the news circulated in Western and Zionist circles, is the tendency to form a Zionist-American/Middle Eastern (Arab NATO) regional military political structure and security and intelligence cooperation in our Arab and Islamic region, centered on the Zionist entity, which represents the advanced imperialist base in the region to manage its interests. This scheme is exposed through the official arrangements, statements and media promotion by the US President’s administration, which is being carried out in order to make this alliance a success within the framework of the repositioning carried out by the United States and to reduce the cost of protecting the Zionist entity and assigning it to the subordinate countries involved in these plans. It is true that the visit of the American president to the region and the holding of a summit seemingly related to the issue of energy and its pricing within the attempts to compensate for Russian oil and gas after the Ukrainian war, but also and the most important thing it aims to do is a Zionist-American/Arab strategic alliance and make arrangements with regard to (Israel’s national security), as he put it, This thing will necessarily change the position of the occupying, usurping Zionist entity from the position of the enemy of the peoples of the region to the position of the ally of the region’s regimes and the hegemon. This would obliterate the Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinian Arab people to recover their land and liberate it from the occupier, and this is undoubtedly a betrayal of our central cause and our humanitarian principles.

From this standpoint, we clearly reject any attempt to involve Kuwait in this Zionist-American/Middle Eastern alliance, which is being planned to be established to tighten the grip of the Zionist-American hegemony over our Arab region in order to continue looting our wealth and capabilities and to establish dependence and submission.

From our position as a people who are part of the Arab and Islamic nations in solidarity with the Palestinian people and supportive of their resistance and struggle, we reject these and other schemes that aim to liquidate the cause and turn the enemy into a friend and the friend into an enemy, and we affirm that the Palestinian cause is our central cause and we will not be satisfied except with the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea, and the return of its emigrant people to their land.

In conclusion, we turn to our free Arab Kuwaiti people to declare their rejection of the plans hostile to our Arab and Islamic peoples, and to adhere to the steadfast national, Arab and humanitarian position of Kuwait and its people by supporting the Palestinian cause and its steadfast resistance and the struggle of its people until the liberation of all the land and the establishment of its independent democratic state over all of historic Palestine, We call for the continuation of Kuwait’s balanced national independence approach by not participating in military alliances and coalitions that have dire consequences that are not in the interest of our people.

July 13, 2022

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